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    Firstly, I apologise if this is a bit confusing, but I'm a bit confused. (Old fart with too many computers)

    My main computer is a relatively decent Win 7 Home Premium setup. It is/was part of a wired network which contains 3 other computers, 2 XP, and one old MiniMac. I also have/had connected a WD Netbook. All cobbled together with the aid of a couple of switches. It all worked fine as an XP based setup and a wired internet connection.

    Internet access is gained through a '3' network Android mobile phone on the 'One Plan'. Slow by most standards but faster than the copper wire connection I used to have.

    So, current problem/s

    The main computer is connected via wireless to the phone. Internet is fine, providing I disable the wired network. As soon as I enable that, there's no internet connection via wireless, or anything else. Neither is the wired network connecting to any other of the wired computers available, even if I disable the wireless adapter.

    I've looked around on this forum for some time and tried a few of the various fixes offered up for similar sounding problems, but to no good effect.

    I am rather at my wits end here. Can anyone offer a solution that is not too tech head please?


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