Network+Printer Do not work at all.

Well I'm about to either uninstall windows7. Getting very annoyed with this whole network, file sharing, and print sharing. Wish I could click 2 buttons, Then poof I can print and share files. Guess not seeing that home group is Win7 Only.

Here's what I got.

Computer A(MX2):
Is running xp Pro(32Bit)
Has a working Brother MFC-240 USB Printer.
Work Groupname is: MSHOME
Connects trough the router then to the internet
Has already ran the network wizard with no issues.

Computer B(Rhaged):
Is running windows 7(64Bit)
Work Groupname is: MSHOME
Connects trough the router then to the internet

Screen shot of networking and sharing center.
Current settings (Advanced)

I can not click, view, or do anything to MX2

When I try add a Printer these come up on the list
Both seem to be the same. And its not even off the right network. (I think those are failed attempts to do printer sharing)


This is another thing thats driving me mad, There 2 ports one starts with 199, The other starts with PX32(Old computer A name). You cant remove them the error message is "The requested resource is in use"

So far both computers can see that either on exists, But neither one can access anything or share anything on either one. Been at it for 2 hours.

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This is not really my area, but when you look for the XP computer can you use the \\MX2 notation to connect to it?

XP does not allow for Network Discovery unless you install the LLTD.

The IP address is not really the port name. Is that what you get when using the Add Network Printer wizard?

Good job with the attachments.. :)

Hope I did what you meant, Typed "\\MX2" Into a address bar and got.

Went here Download details: Link Layer Topology Discovery (LLTD) Responder (KB922120) on my Xp machine says it already had it. Tried on win 7 and said I dint have enough space

Yes that's what the print wizard gave me as a port name was the ip. It auto types it while i type the host/ip.

I would still like to be able to add my printer like this, It wont let me.
when i go to to here, The bar just goes and goes.
View attachment 6050

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Do you see the computer in Explorer? I will assume not, so we need to get that taken care of. Does the XP computer have a firewall you might need to turn off? Does the router have some type of firewall?

Do you have any shares on the XP machine?. Are you using the same user name?

Are they both on the same local network addresses, like If the router is doing DHCP, they should be.

The LLTD is only for XP, Vista and Win 7 do not need it.


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I just set mine up. I did have to change the Network and Sharing center advanced sharing options to allow User accounts and passwords to connect as opposed to allowing Windows to handle it.

I then opened the network in Explorer. I could see the printer attached to the XP machine since I had shared it. There is an add printer option at the top of the window, which I used. Seemed to work fine, once you find the printer on your network.

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