Windows 7 Network Problem -Certificate validation


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May 18, 2009

I'm having issues with connecting to my universities network.
When installing the network theres a point in the install that i need to uncheck the "validate server certificate" box. In Vista the install went fine but having issues in Windows 7.

In Vista when setting up the network i also uncheck that "validate server certificate" and then when I connect to the network a popup pops up that asks for "Additional Login Info". Then I use my universities username and password to connect.
In Windows 7 I dont get that popup. The popup only shows up when I check the "validate server certificate" but then I still cant connect. Unchecking that box just wont give me any "additional login info" popup.

Anyone have an idea how I still can connect to the network?

certificate validation

Something that worked for me on my university system.

Go to "Properties" -> Security -> Settings

Click on the appropriate Trust Root Certification Authority (mine was one of the THAWTE authorities)

Click OK

Click on network icon again and try to login.
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