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    Hi guys,

    I'm currently pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to set up different networks. whatever i try, all i seem to do is mess things up [​IMG]

    The situation is this, I currently have 2 different networks that i wish to connect my laptop to (at different times)

    One is my homegroup at home and the other is a workgroup named TEACHERS at work.

    I would like to be able to offer different shared folders with different access rights depending on the network. I would like to only give read access to the my documents folder on my work network and add password protection for that access if possible. On my home network i would like to give full access to my C:\ drive including all read and write privileges.

    It sound simple enough to me, but i have been unable to find any guides and playing around with the settings just isn;t working. as it stands, i have to manually edit all the shared folders each time i connect to a different network and remove all the shares when connecting at work and then adding them again when i get home. I figure that there must be a way to get around this?

    A second issue is that often i can still see obsolete shares on my work network even when the sharing option is disabled on my laptop. For example, i can still see and access c:\ users on my work network, even though that folder is not set to share.

    a 3rd, but less important issue, is that i am trying to also connect a Macbook with osx 10 to the work network, i manually changed the workgroup name to TEACHERS in the WINS option for the macbook as per this guide:
    but it still cannot see any other computers on the network.

    any help would be greatly appreciated, even if it is just some links to some guides as i have not been able to find anything that can help me with these problems [​IMG]

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