Network suddenly inaccessible

Hi all,

I started using Win 7 about a month ago and initially everything worked fine with getting on our network at work and accessing other computers, a mixture of Win 7 and XP. Everyone uses a cable connection and fixed IP address. A couple of days ago I was at another office and needed to change the settings to automatically detect IP address before being able to access the Internet. When I returned to the home office I re-entered the IP address and settings and could access Internet and email without any issues.

The problem is that I cannot get see any of the other computers anymore on the network. They can see my computer and access without any problems, however I can only see my own computer when I open Explorer. I am running Norton and on the Network Security Map I can see all the computers on the network. I also tried turning off Norton but there was no difference.

Pinging the other computers is not a problem. Directly entering another IP address in the Search field also brings up the relevant computer, however once I open Explorer again this computer is gone, leaving only my own one listed.

I have also gone over all the network and connection settings many times and compared to other Win 7 computers on our network and there appears to be nothing wrong or different apart from the fixed IP addresses and computer names. The workgroup names are all the same and set to Work location, and Network Discovery is also turned on.

Any suggestions you have would be really appreciated. Thanks.

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