Network view showing 2 of every computer on network

I have 4 computers on my home network:
WHS - My Windows Home Server
MediaCenter-PC - My HTPC
Bomber - My notebook
AnnMarie - My girlfriends Desktop

With the exception of the WHS all are windows 7. Everything seems to be working alright, but when I open the network view on my notebook it show 2 of every computer on the network. Only one of each is accessible. This just started 3 days ago. Can't figure it out? Hope someone hear can help.


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Try clearing the netbios cache and see if they disappear. Command prompt type nbtstat -R

Thanks Trouble,
I did that and they all went away except the WHS, it is still showing 2 of them in network view, only one of them is accessible. I ran it on all computers. Any thing else to look at. I ran virus scan on all computers also found nothing.


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This type of information is produced by Netbios (sort of a poor man's version of having a WINS server running) Netbios stores information associating computer names with IP address, so typically when you see multiples, it would indicate that you may have multiple network adapters active on the same machine on the same network and Netbios is simply doing its' job. You can examine the netbios cache on any machine by typing nbtstat -c and it will tell you which machine name is associated with which IP address.

Oh, and now it is happeng on all my machines. Under network connections all coputers are seing 2 WHS


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Although I will admit, my experience with WHS is limited, I have installed, integrated and supported all other versions of Windows Servers since NT4.0 up to and including Windows Server 2008 r2, the lates release, so as I stated earlier, does the WHS box have multiple NICs, please pick one of the machines that is showing multiples and from an elevated command prompt please type nbtstat -c and examine the information in the netbios cache it should be relatively straight forward and list an individual IP and it's associated netbios name, if you can please post the information in your next post and maybe I can better understand the nature of the issue.


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Also if you could take a look at this article
If you have the WHS auto updates turned on then I would suspsec that you already have this. Just thought I would mention it, just in case. Don't know if if would even address your current issue

I got it fixed, Had to reset my belkin g router Firewall settings. And the network connections are showing up correctly.

Trouble thanks for your help.


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Excellent. Glad you figured it out and thanks so much for posting back with your resolution

Joe S

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Thanks for replying back. Maybe it will help somebody else on the future.

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