Networking an External Harddrive for multiple OS access

I was hoping to use my external WD Terabyte HD as a webshare/server/online HD. My intentions were to try and set up the harddrive to be accessible by anyone on the internet with ID and PASS.

I have looked around and done some research on different ways to write/read on the harddrive. But FTP servers and programs like Filezilla seem annoying and hard like some of the other options that require experience. I would love it I could set it up so that any remote out of the network user can input an IP or address for instance access to the drive. It's important to have read/write for all users with ID and PASS.

I appreciate anyone who can help me. I'm bad with windows and I'm definitely a new. Please Help. Thanks.

As you've said, running an FTP server is the best way to go for what you want to do.

The learning curve is not too steep to set one up. If you have any questions, we'll be glad to help out.

Here is an excellent FTP server that isn't difficult to manage:

Product Overview for Windows FTP Server (BPFTP Server) from BulletProof Software

Another one:

FTP Server Download - Serv-U


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Just to add another option to what torrentG has already recommended, you might want to look into something called MioNet. It used to come bundled with some Western Digital My Book, external drives (basic edition I believe), here's a link
On that page you can find a video that goes over how it works and what it does, along with another link to where you can download a 30 day free trial so you can try it and see if it's what you have in mind.

Thanks for the comments and support. Is there no way to make the External Harddrive accessible by internet at all (by multiple OS's)? Or can I run an FTP server that uses the Harddrive as the sole share? I would like it if there were no monthly fee. I'll check out the FTP sites and see what they say.


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