Networking and homegroup issues

Hey guys. I've got 2 computers in 2 different rooms that are on the same network (wired). I'm having lots of problems with networking.

I didn't really want to use a homegroup, so I just shared the drives with each other. I can see the drives (Bedroom C, Bedroom D, Living Room C, Living Room D) etc and I can go into some of the folders. However, there are lots of places where I won't have access. I've gone through and set all permissions to full for all the drives. I still get these messages. Any ideas?

While I have been unable to figure this out, I dabbled into Homegroup (since they both run Win 7 64). While it took 3 tries of leaving and rejoining the homegroup and creating a new one for it to finally work, it did. All the libraries were being shared, I had all the right permissions, etc. etc. That was last night. This morning, I rebooted one of the computers and now neither computer sees the other on the homegroup. However, in homegroup settings, both are "joined to the homegroup"

Any ideas on why the homegroup functionality would have stopped? These are both huge issues for me and the networking problem is making Windows 7 borderline unusable for me.

Disabling Windows firewall on both systems did not cure either problem.

Thanks in advance and I'd be happy to provide more info if needed.


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If you open Task Manager and the Services Tab, there is a HomeGroupProvider service. Is that running, and if not can you restart it?

Have you checked to see if the computer is still connected to the network and has access? IPv6 protocol is required for homegroups, just in case you changed it.

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