Networking different Windows versions

I have the network all set up and working OK. I can access the computer using Win XP from this computer using
Windows Seven, but when I try to access the Windows Seven computer from the XP computer, a dialog box asks for
a username and password. I have absolutely no idea what username I'm supposed to use nor the password, nor where
to find it. I have a password in the Windows Seven network.

MS Windows Seven Home Premium
Version 6.1.7600 Build 7600
System Manufacturer Dell Computer Inspiron 546
X64-Based PC
Processor AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 215 Processor, 2700 Mhz, 2 cores, 2 logical processors
BIOS Dell, Inc A09 8/8.2009

I have an XP laptop and one Win 7 laptop connected via router. Same workgroup. File sharing is ON on both machines. Win 7 laptop can see the XP laptop. But the XP laptop cannot see the Win 7 laptop.
For example Win 7 cann see the printer on the XP machine. The XP laptop cannot see the printer on the Win 7 machine.
Same problem with the shared files.
How can I have the XP sees the printer connected to the Win 7 machine??

I have a similar problem. I have a small Workgroup at home with 4 XP(SP3) computers, 1 Vista laptop and a networked printer. I upgraded one of the XP machines to Win7. I have the same username and password on all machines. The laptop has an IP addresse set by my router. All the other macines and the printer have fixed IP adresses. This is my current situation.

1. All the XP and Vista machines see each other and share files as before.
2. The Win7 machine can only see and access the printer and the shared files on the Vista Laptop. I can read and write to the shared files. It cannot see the 3 XP machines.
3. The Vista Machine can see the Win7 machine, but cannot access any of the shared folders. It shows an error message of "Network Error - Network Path not found". Clicking on the diagnostic button gives a message "Cannot communicate with MACHINENAME( This is not an address on my network, which could explain why the Vista machine cannot access it.
4. The XP machines can see the Win7 machine on the network, but they cannot connect to any of the shared folders. There is an error message with "Network Path not found"

It would seem that there is a problem with netork discovery on the Win7 machine. It cannot see any of the XP machines and it must be broadcasting an incorrect IP address with is why no other computer can access it.

Any suggestions?


Windows 7 network share issue

Hello guys,

I am having a similar problem, i installed one mahcine with windows 7 home premium which is on work group and trying to access others mahcine like XP or Windows server 2003 and getting the same prompt for user name and password, but whenever i am entering again it's asking the same , seems to be not accepting the my user name and password. I checked and verified all tne network related settings but still issue is there.

Here i want to update you when ever i am trying to do RDC is working very fine, but the issue is only with network \\server-A\folders...

Any suggestions?

Win7 to XP

The solution was described here:


okay windows lovers, this is how i got windows 7 to accept incoming connections from XP so you can view files on the W7 computer from the windows XP computer:


On the Win 7 machine:

1. unjoin any "homegroups."
2. make sure your connection is considered a "HOME" connection.
3. Open network and sharing center and click on Choose homegroup and sharing options...
4. Then click Change Advanced sharing settings.
5. Expand Home and Work.
6. Make sure these options are selected...

A. Turn on Network Discovery
B. Turn on File and Printer sharing
C. Select Either: Turn on sharing so that anyone with network access can open files
OR: Turn on sharing so that anyone with network access can open, change and create files.
D. Turn off password protected sharing
E. Use user accounts and passwords to connect to other computers.

I think that the last selection is the most important, once it works, feel free to tinker with the settings; once it sets the options for "Home and Work" it automatically changes those setting to "Public" network.

P.S. This was using windows 7 (32-bit edition). I also turned off my firewall, tinkering with that can be done by YOU, because most people's settings are different.

If I may add one thing to the above said, there may be one additional step required if you are intent on sharing the entire C:\ drive of the Win7 machine with other XP's on the network. After following the above instructions completely, you may still have to open Windows Explorer and right-click on the local C:\ drive in the left column. From the popup window select "Include in Library", and either add it to one of the available choices, or "Create New Library". Once in the Libraries section, it can be viewed or mapped from the XP machines.


Simpler answer could have been that the username and password is the username and password you use to logon normally!

for example Username: bcarroll Password: chickens

Blank passwords will not be accepted.
I have an accounts with the same username/password on each machine. This is not the problem.


I followed the steps you outlined, but with no success. I still have the same access problems as I described in my first post. The XP and Vista machines can "See" the Win7 machine, but cannot access any of its shared files. The Win7 machine can only "See" the Vista machine. I can enable Remote Desktop on any of the XP machines and log onto them by name in the dialog box from the Win7 system, but I cannot transfer any files.

This is really begining to p*** me off as one of the XP machines is my house server so I cannot work with my stored image collection. If I cannot solve this quickly, I will have to junk Win7 and go back to my old functioning network.

Thanks for the comments


I did not think this was possible? How can you have more than one account on the same computer with the same username? :confused:
Sorry - I did not express myself clearly. On each computer I have one account that I use to log in. The username and password of that one account is the same on each computer.


Well, I have given up and bought Network Magic Pro. With this installed on every machine and directories reshared in NetMagic, I can see everything and read/write to all shared folders from my main Win7 workstation. Of course, none of the XP machines can access the Win7 machine, but that is not a problem as I do any file transfer from the workstation anyway

I think this whole mess has nothing to do with basic networking, but relates to security and permissions. I will leave that to someone with more time than I have to sort it out.

Regards to you all


Tried the below and worked for mee.

Folks i tried the below and it worked for MEE...

1 . Open registry editor ( Start search - regedit)
2 . Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa
3. Create a new DWORD value with the following properties: NAME: LmCompatibilityLevel
4. Restart your PC and try the connection again...

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