Windows 7 networking issues


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Mar 6, 2009
Well its not a major issue but its just a pain in my a**. Anywho when I leave my computer on for a while and it goes into a sleep mode, and I come back to use it, I wiggle the mouse some and it starts back up. I hear the hard drive start to spin and the processor starting to work. My issue is that my wireless usb adaptor doesnt start up again. I saw under Control panel>Troubleshooting>System and Security>Improve Power Usage that it turns off all of this stuff to save energy. I just cant find out how to turn this feature off for the USB adaptor so I dont have to restart my computer everytime I leave it be for a couple of hours.
sleep mode

That is happening to me as well. I have looked and looked and think that I have turned off sleep mode everywhere I could find but it's still happening.

Very aggravating.

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