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I have 2 computers with Win 7 connected through a wired home network and I want to have all permissions on both but I have had nothing but trouble trying to accomplish this and would appreciate any step by step help I can get,
Thanks, Bob


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Not clear exactly what you are looking to accomplish "I want to have all permissions on both", but it seems to me the easiest way of doing this without a more complete explaination as to what problems you've encountered in your attempts, would be to create the same username with the same password (please use a password, Win7 does not respond well, to network access with blank passwords by default) make sure the user has administrative privledges on both computers.
Make sure both computers are in the same workgroup
Open the network and sharing center click the link to adjust advanced settings and make the appropriate adjustments to support what you are trying to accomplish.
If HomeGroups are causing a problem, simply unjoin / leave the HomeGroup...Workgroup sharing works well and has for a long time.

My problems are that while I can see all files and folders on both computers I cannot make changes on the remote computer, the network is fine I can see all files and folders on both but cannot make changes except on the one I am using.
Thanks for the quick reply.


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Can you be a bit more specific, for instance if you create a text document and save it to one of your shared folders. Can you open it, edit it, and save it across the network? What types of files are we talking about. And what if any error message are you getting as a result of attempting the "changes".

I have files on computer (A) and I want to access and modify them on computer (B) when I try to do this I get the message: You do not have permission, Access denied.


Noob Whisperer
Are you using the same username and password on both computers?

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