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Has anyone been successful with this? I can easily mount folders/drives on my mac, but from Windows 7, my Mac isn't showing up on the network. This was ridiculously easy with Vista, but i think this 'Homegroup' situation is messing things up.

iTunes sharing works on both computers, so I know they're networked.

Accessing Mac OS X Windows Sharing from Windows 7
Windows 7 will not work with Mac OS X Windows file sharing support by default. If you attempt to access a folder shared from Mac OS X, Vista will display a logon error repeatedly.
The problem is that Vista, by default, will only use NTLMv2 for authentication, which is not supported by Mac OS X's Windows Sharing service.
The other problem is the Minimum Session Security for NTVLM SSP based Clients.
To get around this:
1. In Vista, open the Control Panel
2. Switch to "Classic" view
3. Double-click Administration Tools
4. Double-click Local Security Policy
5. Or Secpol.msc
6. Expand "Local Policies" and select "Security Options"
7. Alternate : Type secpol.msc to get editor up then
8. Locate "Network Security: LAN Manager Authentication Level" in the list and double-click it.
9. Change the setting from "Send NTMLv2 response only" to "Send LM & NTLM - use NTLMv2 session if negotiated"
10. Network Security: Minimum session security for NTLM SSP Based (including secure RPC) Clients
11. Change the setting from "require 128 bit" to unchecked (No Minimum)
12. Click OK
the real difference between vista and win 7 seems to be 10 and 11 (setting the minimum)
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you sir, are a star

i only registered on this board to thank you... after perusing boards filled with "format and reinstall" as well the usual "that's what happens when you run beta" ... your reply was a breath of fresh air... thanks for the solution
Include me in the kudos, worked great, and I'm now kind of on speaking terms with Microsoft again -- and it's been a while for this Mac freak.

Many thanks!