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I have 3 or more system on my home network. 2 are W7, 1 is XP.
Everything works for the moment, except that I would like to connect the machines without having to enter a login (user & PW or just user). Currently, programs will not connect to sync data unless I am logged in.

The XP machine does not have a login PW and does not require a login to get to EITHER W7 machine. This seems strange give the following:

The W7 machine w/o a password can access the XP machine without a login but must use a login & PW to get to the other W7.

The W7 machine with a PW requires a login to get to the XP machine or the W7 w/o PW.

Both W7s network configs are set up the same except for the PW on the one (laptop).

I haven't tried removing the login PW on the LT and I do not want to do that.

Can I make them all connect at home without using a login on any of them???????????

No Homegroup is setup. This is all working on a Workgroup.


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The way Windows XP manages home networks is different in comparison to IE. I have never found a way to connect to an XP PC on Vista/7 without entering a password without using a 3rd party application.

Would you be interested in running another app?
Also, I think if you remove the password from your XP machine, you just won't be able to connect to it because it will still ask for a username and password.


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i don't have a pw on the xp unit.
the only pw is on the W7 LT.
the W7 DT connects to the DT
I quess I will try taking the PW off the W7 LT just to see if that solves it.
It is just M$ Wierd that it won't connect to the W7 DT or XP (both no PW) without entering a user.


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It is just M$ Wierd that it won't connect to the W7 DT or XP (both no PW) without entering a user.
Back in the days of XP, home networking was just becoming popular.. Hence the reasons for more complicated computer browsing, lack of sharing abilities etc.

Post back with the results of removing the pw on the Windows 7 machine.


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I created another user without a password and it works as I would expect. Everyone can connect to everyone else without login in - entering name or name and password.

Why, in M$ insolent wisdom do they enforce login rules from a computer with a password TO computers without passwords - I can not imagine.......

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Beats me ;)

I'm happy to hear you solved the problem..
Thanks for using the Windows 7 Forums, I hope to see you around! :)

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