New Acer Predator with Windows 7 64-bit connects then not after install security software

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    I just got an Acer Predator. I transferred settings from XP using Windows Easy Transfer. The Internet connection was working perfectly. I installed Comodo Firewall, Avira AntiVir and ThreatFire. Then it could not connect. I plug the Ethernet cable into the XP computer and it connects no problem.

    I tried a system restore and it didn't fix it. I am running a thorough AviraAntiVir scan now on the Windows 7 system.

    I don't want to assume it is a virus, but the system was unprotected until I got the three security applications installed. I did also see some Comodo warnings and I approved going ahead because the security apps were installing at the time.

    What do you suggest?

    I am editing this post as this issue has since been resolved. While something was preventing the NIC drivers from loading, I was able to download the drivers and install them. It works fine now.
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