New AMD Demo for Dx11 cards out


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First off, it's aimed at the 6900 series cards but runs fine on the 5800 too since there's not any major chipset difference except a few scaling and speed tweaks really, must say though for the 655mb size I was completely unimpressed with it, most of the old demos such as the brilliant Froblins or Ruby Whiteout look much better tbh. I think it's about time they dropped stupid transformers ideas of the last two tech demos and get back to doing ATi Ruby based demos...

The HK-2207 real-time demo features a number of post processing effects (depth-of-field, lens flare, ghosting, aerial perspective/atmospheric, LUT, emissive and reflection) provided as an easy approach for developers and artists to adopt Microsoft® DirectX® 11 programming. This demo also uses a current trend in game engines utilizing deferred lighting and deferred shading allowing many more lights and rapid prototyping. A newly developed GPU accelerated physics particle system is introduced utilizing DX11 DirectCompute. Bullet Physics is used with a new fracture/destruction approach that also features procedurally generated unique debris leveraging DX11 tessellation.
Coming soon
» HK2207.exe (655 MB)*
* The HK2207 demo requires Windows Vista® or above operating system, a Radeon™ HD 6900 Series graphics processor and associated Catalyst™ software, a dual- or quad-core CPU, and 2GB of RAM.


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- - > 1 min 43 seconds to convert 2.3 Gb Raw Avi into 182.4 Mb 1080p MPEG-2 :


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do ya see what I meant then?? it's an ok demo but no shadows??? also for the size it's well... missing something I think, especially compared to the recent Nvidia demos for the 480/580s

I sure see what you meant, that's why I showed what it was. Yes, no shadows and too short for 600 Mb, too short.

Lol, I liked converting it though. ; )

i am quite new towards this apps and my first try is still due .. but not too late it is going to take as i am all set and done to do so

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