Windows 7 new Boot from Disc win7 issue?


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Jan 28, 2009
Been trying to search if anyone had same problem that i have had....

It boots from DVD, then it extracts the files but when it comes to "starting windows" it doesnt load the win7 logo which it should because i tried installing it on my second PC and it works...

Asus board one of the MVP deluxe
AMD 4800+
2gb ram
1900xtx gfx

Not sure what the problem could be if anyone could paste a link if they found similar problem it would be great thanks in advance :confused:
you mean it doesnt show the new swirling effect? i wouldnt worry too much about that,
i have two systems, one shows the new swirling logo and the other shows the ol style moving bar.
The problem is it doesnt show anything its just black with a little dot with starting windows writting .... ive left it for 20 mins .... i know its not a ISO issue because on my older PC that ive tried it worked fine... :S
Are you sure your hardware is capable of running Windows7?

I can't seem to locate the original post, but it basically had to due with a cheaper low-end graphic card which refused to boot Windows.
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