New bubble interface for Windows 8?


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The video below is A concept shown by Craig Mundie, Microsoft’s chief research and strategy officer.

It shows a new “bubble” interface that Microsoft has been working on that is interesting

Bubbles are auto-generated in various categories (personal, entertainment, gaming, etc.) and can also be created by a user. Clicking on a bubble brings up a program or interaction item. For example clicking on a bubble for an upcoming flight will display alternate flight times with weather-based probability for delays. Users could use the interface to switch their flight, should the desire.

….With Apple looking to make its next version of OS X, Lion, greatly reinvented and more “iOS-like”, Microsoft might be trying a bit of the same. Whether the new interface shows up in Windows 8, or Windows 9, perhaps, it appears like it will dramatically alter the way we interact with our desktops and laptops.

It would definitely be “risky” to place the shown UI in Windows 8; as such an interface would take a major adjustment from users and would bring certain new hardware requirements to the table (for all its fancy animations). But the upside is that it looked extremely innovative and could allow users to gain access to the information they want most, much faster than they can currently in Windows 7.
.I’m not sold that Microsoft would go in this direction for Windows 8 but I wouldn’t be surprised if they showed a sneak peek of this within the operating system.

I must admit I am not certain if Microsoft would go down that route as it would require a certain level of computer hardware just to make it feasible . Windows 7 has been very good as it runs on nearly any computer , even low end ones .
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