new computer bluescreens please help!

going to start by saying that im of veeery limited knowledge when it comes to computer hardware and programs and such so any advice givn please be as clear as possible. hello i recently bought a new computer from cyberpowerpc and it came with windows 7 and ive had it for about 4 days. so the only thing ive put on the computer so far is skype world of warcraft(wow) and team viewer. i ended up after much fiddleing to get wow to dl but i had to patch it in safe mode. tahts where the blue screens started not sure if that has anything to do with it since it was the first day i had it. so now i get all sorts of different blue screen errors liek pfn_list_corrupt ... or bad_pool_header....memory management system service exception. also i get windows errors like display drivers stoped working or windows not valid go online but when i click it nothing really happens. and when i restart the computer and it says updateing 1 of 30 or whatever it just sits there for hours till i end up powering it off. i know its alot to read and im sorry about that i just dont knwo waht information is important to add. please help and thanks.

PFN_LIST_CORRUPT - happens when a driver or a software damages the input/output structure of another driver.
bad_pool_header, memory management, and system service exception - are often caused by bad drivers. We need your crash dumps.

Navigate to your C:\Windows\Minidump, highlight and .zip the .dmp files, and attach them here with your next post. Uninstall your AV and Daemon Tools.

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