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Hello Everyone,
I am new to the forums and say hello to all!! I programmed with Visual Basic 5, ASP and HTML4 back in the early 2000's. I build all my computers also. My question is, I am getting back into it and need to know if the programmers of today would use my set up that I am about to build.
The specs would be: Asus P8B75-M/CSM (i3,i5,i7 cpu, 32GB ram max)
i3 or i5 Intel CPU
16GB ram
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.
Visual Basic 6
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I was just wondering if you are asking the question in relation to some type of programming requirements.

It will probably work fine for you, but the Business utilities are something I do not use. Also the i5 processor, I believe, does not do multi-threading.

Since it does not have enhanced sound capabilities, it seems to be an enterprise type board.

Good day, I have finished my build, and running fine. The board is designed to work when you need it, that is, if something is not needed, it will cut off the power to it. Energy efficient as is were. Great when the movie and sound are in sinc, when I surf there is no hesitation to load anything. The i5 has four threads to it. How much it does after that I don't know, I haven't experimented or read enough to mention something. It does come with VIA HD sound software, mixer and everything included in it. It is more of an enterprise board, but can be overclocked within the setup. Max out the RAM and definitely a good game machine. It is 64 bit and Windows 8 compatible, so should be a good machine for years to come and take what "Bill" can throw at it!

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