New Computer cannot connect to internet

Just purchased a new Emachines EL1352-07e computer from Best Buy. Brought it home and it did not have an internet connection at all. Contacted geek squad who then said to contact my ISP, who then said to contact the manufacturer. No luck, no one knew what was going on. I then brought it back to Best Buy, they swapped it out, put in the antivirus software and returned it back to me. (2nd new one). Still no internet connection. The geeksquad guy said it may be some sort of software blocking the connection. Another one said that it may be a modem/driver issue. I talked to tech support for my ISP and still after an hour couldn't figure it out. He suggested that I either connect through a usb/driver or swap out modems. I am getting extremely frustrated as I spent alot of money on this computer and I cannot even use the internet. PLEASE HELP!!!

---The bottom left computer icon always has a red x and it says no connection available/not connected.

---No LAN network cable detected

Hi there. No frustrations, as we will have you up and running in no time, as long as your ISP is supplying your modem with a signal.

Type msinfo32 in the start menu then press enter. File | save on the opened screen. Zip the saved file, bring it to a machine with access, and attach it to a post here.

Along with that, you can also type this in a command prompt then press enter:

ipconfig /all

Make a screen shot of the output of that by typing snippingtool in the start menu. Save a .jpg file and also attach that to your next post.


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Please follow TorrentG's instructions above which will help us further in assisting you. Checked out you machine on line, looks pretty good, but I did notice that it has a gigabit ethernet card so I assume we are talking about a wired connection, correct?
If so type ncpa.cpl into the search box and hit enter.
Right click the local area connection icon and choose properties
Click the configure button near the top right
Select the advanced tab
Look for something called Speed and Duplex (may say link speed or something else) highlight it and change the drop down value to another setting.
Start with 10 / half
OK your way back out of there and reboot.
See if that helps, if so try experimenting with the other values. Ideally you would want 100 full but test them and see which one seems to work reliably. Reboot after saving each change.
Unless you have a router with Gig switch ports, in that case ideally you would want 1000 full

Before I do any of this. Does anyone think I need to install or update a driver for my modem. I went to the Emachines website/support and there is a modem driver for my computer. I have the 64 bit. Also, does anyone think it is just the modem. I have a Toshiba cable modem. I have perfect connections with my laptop as well as Xbox Live, but not just this computer or the other new one that I swapped out. Somethings gotta give here. Also, I don't have anything to zip my saved file. What would I need exactly????

Please follow what we've said for best results. I can assure you that the two of us know very well what we're doing.

To zip, right click the file and choose Send To - and then - Compressed folder. You can attach the .jpg directly without zipping that.


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There are many available compression utilities available to you some free others commercial payed versions. I prefer 7zip but I believe Winzip and others also have free versions still available. The choice is yours. As far as a modem driver, don't get confused by the modem driver available from E-Machines. That may very well be for an internal modem inside your computer if you even have one. E-Machines will not have a driver that would address any problem with you broadband router or ISP provided device (modem). Those would only come from the vendor or manufacturer in the form of a firmware (rather than driver) update.
Hope this helps

Sorry, didn't read TG's complete post. As he said you can also use the built in compression utility native to Windows 7. See the following article if you have any additional questions

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One more question??? Do you think it has anything to do with the Modem?? I just want to make sure in case I have to swap it out with another one. Or is it soley something with the computer/network software itself?

Again, you should simply follow instead of making us play "answer-the-latest-question." You'd be up and running by now instead of putting 20 questions off to us, instead. Let us do what we do, if you want things to work.

Your pc has issues if you are getting a red x.

Suggest to follow what Trouble has said about the negotiation speeds. If that doesn't fix it, then post what I've asked for.

Hey guys...I am connected to the internet :) I am on 10 MB/full speed. Before, it was at auto negotiation. The only thing I do notice is that on the bottom left where the computer icon is, there is still a red x. How would I get rid of that. It says Network 2 internet access. THANK GUYS YOU ROCK!!!!! Even my ISP, GEEK SQUAD, and EMACHINES couldn't figure it out.

You're welcome. There's no comparison at all between us, what we do and those entities. The people you talk with there are first or second year learning students of I.T.
Although we never stop learning, Trouble and I are veterans...seasoned professionals that you can not find a match to, by dealing with companies like that.

Update the firmware to your router, and visit the manufacturer of your ethernet adapter for the latest driver and install, then set the negotiation speed back to original. If the connections works and the x goes away, great. If not, simply set the 10 MB/full again.

I am connected to a cable modem. How would I update the firmware? Also, "visit the manufacturer of your ethernet adapter" is this going to be emachines or Brighthouses modem Toshiba??? Thanks Guys

If you upload that msinfo32 file, zipped, then I can post a link to the latest driver. No, not from EMachines. From Atheros, Intel or Realtek but I'll be able to see which by checking the attached file.

I can also give you instructions on how to access your router settings page which you'll need to do, to update the firmware, by looking at the attached file.

In the meantime, look on the router itself for the manufacturer's name. Then visit their site for the latest firmware .bin (or other) file update to have ready to install.

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[lang=sv]Hej. Jag har samma problem och har ingen internet uppkoppling. Jag har en inet helt nyinköpt data. netverkskurtet är Realtek PCLe GBE Family Controller. Jag har läst era rekomendationen och ändrade hastighet och duplex på 10/ 100 och.. men jag har samma prblem. Ingen internet uppkopling. Vad mer kan jag göra? har ingen antivirus installerad än och brandvägen har jag också inaktiverat. Det funkar inte. Blir helt galen på det här datan och vet inte vad jag ska göra. Kan någon hjälpa mig?[/lang]


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Re: [langtitle=sv]Re: New Computer cannot connect to internet[/langtitle]

Hello and welcome to the forums.
First you will probably want to make sure that you are using the latest driver from RealTek for your network adapter. If you would type ncpa.cpl into the search box and hit enter, then select and right click your network adapter (Local area connection) and choose properties
this will produce the properties dialog box for your RealTek adapter.
Then click the configure button near the top of the dialog box and switch to the "Details" tab
Click the drop down arrow and select Hardware ids
Right click inside the "Value" box and choose select all
Then right click again and choose copy
Paste it into notepad and attach it to your next post by clicking the go advanced button and selecting the paper clip icon to upload and attach it.
Also include a text file that includes the result of an ipconfig /all
Open a command prompt and type
ipconfig /all
then click the little DOS icon in the top left and choose edit->select all and then again edit->copy
paste that into another text file and upload that as well.

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