New computer connection

Internet access by cant logon

Hi, i`m wondering if someone could please help me?

I`ve just bought a new hp desktop computer with windows 7.

The computer isnt wi-fi enabled so I bought a belkin wireless adaptor which I setup to connect to my Be-Box netwok centre.

I have set it up and its says it is connected to the be-box with excellent signal, but when I try and connect I cant get on to the net.

Normally it comes up with the blue circle so you know your connected but its showing internet available and 5 bars.

We have 2 other computers in the house which are both working fine.

Anyone have any ideas?



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Hi Drew, thanks for your help.

I uninstalled the adapted and power cycled the router and rebooted the system.

The connection signal came on for a few seconds but went back to exclamation mark and back to the 5 bars, but its still says connection available to the router.

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