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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Help and Support' started by snvyas, Jul 18, 2007.

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    Jul 18, 2007
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    I bought a new Sony Vaio LS 25 E computer with Vista Home Premium & 2 G of RAM. I have it plugged into my DLink DI-634M router (not using the wireless capabilities). Previously, I had a Vaio with Windows XP before and had blazing fast internet and smooth Windows Media Center operation (with 1 G of RAM).

    I use Firefox and the internet is painfully slow. Not only that but Windows Media Center is choppy and going through all the menus is slow/choppy/frustrating. I have not changed my ISP provider or anything else since I got the new computer. I use Norton Antivirus but have disabled the phishing filter.

    Are there fixes or tweaks I can perform on this otherwise beautiful machine to make it run better? My other applications run pretty well but since I use the internet and WMP most of the time it has been a very frustrating few days...

    Could it be my drivers (even though they came preinstalled)? Is it my router? Do I need a Windows Vista compatible one?
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    Hi snvyas ,

    I don't think router is causing the problem here, you can cross check by conncting your computer to the modem directly and check the performance.

    • Did you check the speed accessing internet using Internet explorer.?
    • Try running firefox in safe mode and check the speed.
    Click Start, Go to Run command and enter "firefox -safe-mode" Firefox should start up with a Firefox Safe Mode dialog.

    • What type of file you play in wmp? Is it audio or video?
    • Temporarly disable the firewall and Norton antivirus and check the speed.
    • Also I suggest you to update drivers for video graphics etc..


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    Lose Norton...

    Always lose Norton. Worst software on the market.

    If you feel you must load in extra full time security get Windows Security Essentials... It ain't perfect but at least it multitasks properly.
    For the big scans and clean ups get the EmisiSoft emergency kit... Put it on a thumb drive for those days you're feeling especially paranoid. :)

    Emsisoft Free Emergency Kit
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    Agreed. :)

    Use the tool in safe mode to remove it:

    AV Uninstallers - Windows 7 Forums

    Replace with MSE.


    Edit: lol look at the OP date. haha

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