New computer won't always connect with router

-new computer windows 7

-connects with router if in the same room and allows me to walk all over the property and remain connected, streaming etc.

-can't connect from farther away in the house except for really close to the router. It's like windows gives up immediately unless I'm in the same room. Again, once it's connected, it works everywhere. Also, other laptops (win xp) and ipods work no problems from anywhere.

Router-Linksys WRT110
computer using Windows 7 and broadcom 802.11n network adapter



Try changing the wireless channel that the router uses.

Update the wireless network driver to latest for the pc with problems.

Tried those things but no change. Any other possibilities.

Did you check to see if your wireless router WRT110 has the latest firmware update installed?

This is the latest firmware for the WRT110 ver.1.0 wireless router.


  • 11/03/2009
    Download 2.81 MB
    Release Notes
Upgrade Instructions

  • 03/17/2010
    Download 0,98 MB
    (Upgrade Instructions)

Yeah, my firmware is updated but I redid it anyway. Still nothing. Thanks for helping. What next?

Try lowering the beacon interval in the wireless settings of the router.

Thanks Torrent and Nibiru. I exchanged the computer on a tip that it may be a faulty network adapter. The new one works fine.

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