New desktop - what version of Windows 7 do I need?

I am building a new desktop PC. At present my OS is Windows XP Professional 64bit. Is Windows 7 released as a full version (clean install) 64 bit Home Premium version? If so can you direct me to a web site where I can order this version? Also when I do a clean install do I format my OS drive? Or will the new Win 7 install over the old XP Pro? Finally is there one CD that I could purchase with multiple licenses? I would like to install Win 7 on two laptops. The laptops are 32bit running Vista Home Premium. Please help.

My components for my new desktop are:

EP45-UD3P Gigabyte motherboard
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650 processor (64bit based)
4GB on board memory
Two Western Digital hard drives (1 tb each drive)
LG 22X DVD rewriter (internal)
Graphics Card: eGeForce 9500GT 1GB DDR, PCI Express 2.0 Graphics Card


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There are Family Packs, but I only saw that in Home Premium Upgrade. That would be fine for your laptops, but I dont believe you will be able to upgrade from XP Pro to Home Premium. Home Premium does come with a x64 and x86 disc in the box, so you will be able to install either the 32bit or 64bit version.

There is also the option to upgrade from XP to 7, but most people would recommend a clean install. Just make sure to back up your files first! ;)

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The upgrade from XP to W7 isn't possible. The only possible route that I can think of is XP > Vista > W7, but that would likely be problematic. It would be better to backup whatever files you wish to keep and then just run a clean install.

As for the laptops, you mentioned they are running 32-bit Vista and wanting to upgrade them to W7 too. Remember though that you can only upgrade like for like, in other words, the upgrade can only be to 32bit W7, not 64bit.

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