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When i tried to load my new harddrive this morning , it was on ages with the windows 10 logo flashing on and off . Before the computer turned itself off . I'm on the old drive at the moment . When i go into settings both drives are listed ,also in Disk Management both drives are shown . ( i thought was it a dodgy sata cable ) . I tried to install windows 10 hoping to be able to install windows on the new hard drive and keep the files and folders . My computer does not let me acess the drive , so somethings wrong . Everything was ok when i logged off last night and shut down . Thank you .



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To help, there are so many questions here for us who are reading this.....

Is the previous drive with Windows 10 still hooked up? Then the system will see it, and want to go to it.

If you want to put Windows 10 on a new drive, the best of course is a new install. BUT back up your stuff first. That is why I have several drives in my tower. I right-click on Music, Pictures, etc... and make all that go to another drive (by changing location). So nothing will be lost in the event of a forced install.

Once I have backed up my stuff, I pop in a disk/software like Parted Magic and wipe the drive that had Windows on it. Go the the drive that is going to get Windows 10, and create a GPT partition table. (don't format it with ntfs or anything else, Win10 install wants to do that).

On the reboot with the Windows 10 disk/stick, pick your new drive, and away you go.

Lastly.... The drive that Windows 10 will be installed on should be in the first SATA plug in order on your motherboard.


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Joey1394 , Windows 10 was installed on the new drive , everything was working ok . Just now I can't get back onto the drive it takes ages before the PC shuts down . I want to know how to get back online on the new drive . That's all .


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I tried to load my new harddrive earlier i got a BSOD. it was on ages with the windows 10 logo flashing on and off . Before the computer turned itself off . It took about 20 minutes in all , before the PC turned itself off . I was expecting the new drive to be showing not accessible again . But i can still open files from here , i don't know why the BSOD happened and for now i still can't get on the drive itself , I will try later to get online with the new drive .



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I still cannot get on the new drive , when I try both drives connected . It ends up with the new drive trying to load first ( even though I put the old drive first in settings ) . I tried to load windows , I put the dvd in the writer went into settings and put start with CD/DVD setting but it just went back to try and load windows . I was going to see if I could install windows and keep the files and folders option .


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Since you have these problems i would suggest that you turn off your computer, open your computercase and makes sure your NEW hardrive (that you want to install a NEW Windows 10 to) is connected to your motherboards SATA 0 (Zero) and the second (old) harddrive temporally NOT connected at all!
Then you install your Windows (check [REMOVED BY ADMIN] for extra help) and create a ADMIN-account.. and a personal account for yourself (only amateurs use the computers only admin-account) and log on to that account (to create the profile and stuff)
Then you turn off your computer, connect your old harddrive to the highest SATA-connector (usually SATA 5 or 6)..

Start your computer, logon with your Administrative account, take ownership of your OLD hardrive and all its folders.
Copy the folders and files you are interested in saving (not entire disk) to "C:\Users\Public\Downloads"
Compere the number of files and folders to make sure you copied all contents you like to save...

Then you logon with your own account and copy all the saved files from: C:\Users\Public\Downloads to your accounts similar folders..
And when you are sure you won´t be needing any other personal files from your old harddrive, you use the DISK MANAGER to erase all partitions (begin with the one to the right and work yourself towards the left until all are erased) then you create ONE partition and format that one With NTFS... So you may use the entire old disk as storage!
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I kinda figured you did, already. I do not like it when people try to make money off of someone's non-understanding of something.