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    With the latest theme offered to Windows 7 users Microsoft is marking a first, changing the manner in which it has been delivering personalization content for customers running the latest iteration of its Windows client.

    With the Bing Dynamic theme pack for Windows 7, the Redmond company is essentially kicking up a notch the content offered on the Windows Personalization Gallery.

    This because, although there have been plenty of Bing-related themes before, and of course, a plethora of additional themes, this theme pack is unlike anything else that the software giant offered Windows 7 users before.

    The Windows 7 Bing Dynamic theme is capable of reaching into the Cloud and grabbing content to be displayed as background images of desktops around the world. It does this by via an RSS subscription.

    According to the software giant, the latest Bing theme pack is also the company’s first RSS-fed theme. Of course, in this context, it is easy to see why Microsoft opted to use the Bing Dynamic moniker for the content. Read More ->

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