Windows 8 New Game Requests for Microsoft Windows 8 - Next Version of Windows


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Apr 15, 2009
Hello all Windows users, in this Windows article I want to share with you new game requests for Windows 8, next version of Windows from Microsoft.
If you also want to request a game for Windows 8, please feel free to share your idea here.

Windows 7 is a great success for Microsoft and a great pleasure to use Windows 7 for users.
But Windows gamers are now expecting an edition special to Windows gamers, like a Windows 8 Gamers Edition, or Windows 8 Gaming Edition.
When you listen the gamers they are expecting a specially configured for best gaming experience operating system from Microsoft.
And I see that many people around me are trying to build the best gaming PC for maximazing their gaming experience and pleasure.
So, I believe Microsoft will also hear this shout!.
Windows 8 Gamers Edition is a requirement after now.
New Game Requests for Microsoft Windows 8 - Next Version of Windows
My thumbs up for Sudoku and Jigsaw:


[langtitle=vi]yeu cau` games 3D Spartan X[/langtitle]

[lang=vi]xua nay games 3d ban' ma (doom 3) co' rat nhieu nhung mot games ma` nguo`j ta la~ng quen do' la` danh' ma (Spartan_X.nes) !
co' games 3D Spartan X nes thi` tha.t tuyet tuong thich' voi tay xbox 360 ca`ng tot' ^^ hoac ho tro choi qua camera :cool:[/lang]
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