New hard drive installed with windows 7.... recovery drive full

Dell just installed a new hard drive on my computer and the D: recovery drive is already full. Apparently everything is getting saved onto the D drive instead of the C drive. How do I get the computer to use the C drive as the primary drive???


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Probably the first thing I would do is give Dell a call and question them as to what's going on. Can you screen shot the disk management console so we can see exactly what you're talking about (see attachment). I'm firstly kinda suprised that the Dell Recovery Partition is getting Drive D as a partition assignment, since I would have generally assumed that your DVD/CD player would have that letter. Can you examine the contents of the recovery patition, do you see files that you have saved on there, usually these partitions are a fixed size and are often nearly full by default, since they are only suppose to contain the recovery image and some files to support the restore process executeable. Let us know

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Here are the screen shots

Contents of D drive


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Wow, looks like your suspicions are correct. I would definitely contact Dell and see if they can explain, what's going on, since the programs directory and the Windows directory, show a last modified date of the 25th, I can't say for sure if the guy who installed your new hard drive put them there or if they are a product of some recent use. What's on the C:\ drive what do the dates look like on there, are the dates more in keeping with recent activity. When you install a new program can you see the install path and does it reflect an install aimed at the C or D drive?

What happened was the hard drive died on me so they replaced it with a new one. The problem is that everything that is downloaded or saved goes directly to the D drive instead of the C drive. The files on the c drive havent been modified since the 20th and 15th. Its automatic D drive for everything.

I have my vista boot disk + the 7 home premium upgrade... question is, is there any way to switch back to having the c drive the primary drive?? or so I have to just use the boot disk and delete the d drive??

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