New hard

I just put my new hard drive in my advent Roma 1000 laptop. Put my windows 8.1 pro c.d in then pressed f12 to start the boot.
Windows open up and I choice my country and select install. It's starts installing windows then I get past the getting files ready for installation then
Features then installing updates then finishing up.
Then it starts to restart and goes back to the start. Been threw it 3 times. It's like it carnt go any further
What should I do?


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Then it starts to restart and goes back to the start.
If by "goes back to the start" you mean that it starts the install again and again then......
Check System Setup (BIOS) settings for your default boot device and make sure that you are not continuously booting back to the Installation Media.

How do I get to bios

I'm in bios and I carnt see anything what you said it might be


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Not sure usually F2 but could be ESC or delete


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Try F12 and choose the Hard Disk Drive or Try removing the installation media.

Carnt see nothing in f12 on how to remove the installation media. I don't understand to much about BIOS


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how to remove the installation media
It's the DVD that you referenced in your OP. Just eject it and see if the computer starts and runs.

I did what u said about the BIOS and it has now booted and off the cd so thanks for your help bro. Thought for a moment I would never sort it.
Cheers mate


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Glad you've manage to resolve your issue.
Thanks for posting back and updating your thread with those results.
Thanks for taking the time to join our forum community. Welcome and hope to continue to see you around.

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