New install of win8, but can't activate


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Just installed win 8, but failed to activate the installation.

Is it no longer possible to do so, as the system is no longer updated by MS?

When I try I only get the answer:
This key does not work. Check it out and try again or try another one.

Can I somehow check the key, other than to see that I have typed correctly?


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if the key is real it should have worked yes... the server still logs the key and sends a ok reply but then also flags your system as out of service\ needs upgrading
when you log into your Microsoft account through the Microsoft Store it should then give you the free 8.1 upgrade... & once that os is installed it will ask you to upgrade to 10

your other [much better] option is to simply install Windows 10 from the start... a real Windows 8 or 8.1 key should allow you to activate it skipping the extra steps


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I now tried with both win 8.1 and 10.
With the same result.
The Win 8 installation that I have, is a full version purchased from retailers.

Wondering if I may have used the installation key too many times, I have installed and activated it before, most recently in a virtual box installation.
(has it not installed on any computer right now)?

Is there any way I can control this?
Or how to proceed?