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I put a new m/board in my pc and the board lights up and hdd lights stays on but no post ? it just stays that way it is a 1 Gigabyte SKT-1366 GA-X58A-UD3R Motherboard (Rev 1.0) any clues to whats happening


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Disconnect all devices except the cpu and RAM. Check that out then add devices one at a time.

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ok will do that when new replacement one comes as I have sent this one back as faulty


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A common mistake when changing motherboards is not ensuring you have the correct placement of case standoffs under the boards. Cases are designed to support 1000s of motherboards so there typically are more mounting points in the case than there are on the motherboard. Any extra standoffs in the case will short-out the motherboard (sometimes permanently damaging the board and everything connected to it) and give the symptoms you described.

no m/board has 9 holes and new one has same these 2 m/boards are both 1366 and the new ones holes matches old one


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It is not just the number of holes, but their location.


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Make sure you are plugging in both the ATX power connectors, 24 and 8 pin...

both connecters are ok 24&8 pin holes match the standoffs on m/board as the screw holes on m/board have little metal segments
whats annoying me is the graphics card was connected by hdmi cable should it be connected by sub

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