New M-Disc Technology Promises Permanent Data Retention


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More and more folks are turning to cloud services like Dropbox to store their oh-so-precious private data, but when it comes to truly valuable info, it's still a good idea to keep a physical backup disc around in case those virtual services crap out on you. Then again, CDs and DVDs scratch waaaaay too easily and have limited shelf lives. If you've ever been screwed by a big gouge across an important backup disc, you might want to check out the new optical media that's hitting the market soon. Supposedly, it lasts forever, and the Department of Defense vouches for its resiliency.

They're called M-Discs and they're being brought to market a start-up company called Millenniata, Computerworld reports. M-Discs ditch the traditional reflective layer found in standard physical media discs and instead etch the information directly into the body of the multi-layered disc itself, which is made of an undisclosed stone-like substance. Millenniata says that any device that can read a DVD can read an M-Disc – the only special equipment necessary in the whole process is an M-Disc burner.
New M-Disc Technology Promises Permanent Data Retention

Fifty years from now, I wonder how many M-Disk readers will still be functioning?
Or, how many people reading this forum will still be functioning to give a d***.

A well cared for DVD, should be good for about thirty years. That's much longer
than I'll need mine, that's for sure.

But in the greater scheme of things, optical media, well cared for, will be readable
long after magnetic media has lost its mind.

I have hundreds of old floppy disks, both 5.25" and 3.5", that are no longer readable. Too bad too, as
there were some great programs and games on those disks. Oh well..........


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