New Meaning for Camping ?

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    When the word, gay ,became synonymous with ,homosexuals that placed a whole new meaning on that word .
    Maybe now , camping could have a new usage . Camping : liar, deceiver, pompous *** ?
    Camping would fit the bill on all scores .
    His latest attempts to wriggle out of the fiasco he created about the world ending, show what a truly deceitful man he is . He swore the world would end and only his followers would be saved .
    Now he says it was done but only in spirit ! Not only that but now the date has moved for the third time ! I think you have to have a fair degree of senility to think anyone will go for that story .
    Then again he has a following so maybe like going down with the , Titanic they will stick with him .
    One mad man ,spouting his rubish, to a following of naive sheep , lapping up every last crumb of crazyness he can come out with .
    Very sad ! :noway:

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