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When using IE 10 and this site, trying to start a new paragraph in a reply or starting a thread is impossible. Usually when starting a new paragraph one would just hit the return key and it starts a new paragraph. For what every reason, starting a new paragraph using IE 10 and this site just doesn't work.

Look I'm starting a new paragraph but using Firefox. So why is it like this?


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This is a known issue with the visual editor & has been for months. vB and the developers are apparently in no rush to find a solution.

yet it works so well in IE 9...oh well...thanks for the info...

Is there any word on the facelift!!!!!!!!!!


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If you change IE10 to Compatibility Mode as a work around you will get the Enter key as a Carriage Return. Or switch the editor under General Settings to the Standard Editor.

Thanks Medicted60, I'll give it a shot.

As for compatibility mode, it's not broken link to change. I did switch to standard editor mode and that did the trick.

AS you can see I now have the ability to create new lines and paragraphs. I would have never guessed in a million years it was the editor causing the problem. I'm wonder if that is also causing the problem with adding an attachment (picture) and it showing up as a link and not the actual picture.

Ah...many thanks again...


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Nothing to report on for a new theme at this time. Sorry man.


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I found that the para issue was easily solved by clicking the "double" A icon on the top left of you posts bar menu, and switching to "source" mode.

You know I never even bothered to look and see what any of those tabs would do....nice tip.


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This should now be resolved in Internet Explorer 10.

Well it's about damn time....just

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