New PC Build but Constant BSOD


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Thanks in advance for looking into my issue. I've used these forums before on a previous build a few years ago and everyone was very helpful in identifying my issue and helping me correct. I hope that the problem I have for you today is not critical but it is definitely annoying to me.

I've been working on a building a new pc these last few months and I finally assembled everything. It was a project to upgrade my current rig but since I decided to water cool the CPU and GPU it took a bit longer waiting on parts.

I successfully tested the loop and no issues with leaks so I let it run inside the case for 24 hours before I put the SSD/HDD in to post. Please note that the drives were from my current rig and I have not reformatted my boot drive (the SSD) so maybe this could be causing some of my issues.

All the components with the exception of the RAM (Corsair Vengeance Blue 16GB (4 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM 1600 Dual Channel), Optical Drive (Pioneer Black Blu-ray Burner SATA BDR-206DBKS), SSD (OCZ TECHNOLOGY 120GB VERTEX PLUS) and HDDs (1:Western Digital Caviar Black WD1501FASS 1.5TB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive, 2:Seagate Barracuda Green 2TB SATA 6Gb/s 64MB Cache 3.5-Inch Internal) are brand new.

The new items are:

Case - Haf X
CPU - AMD FX 8150 BE 8core 3.6Ghz (not overclocked)
Motherboard - ASRock 990 FX Extreme4
GPU - XFX HD 7979 BE (XFX overclocked)
PSU - KingWin 80+ Lazer 1000 watt
Fan Controller - NZXT Sentry LX High Performance
Watercooling Unit - XSPC
Radiator - XSPC RX360
CPU Waterblock - XSPC AMD Raystorm
Water Pump - D5 strong pump
Reservoir - XSPC Dual Bay
GPU Waterblock - EK-FC7970 - Acetal

Outside of some minor posting issues the system eventually booted up fine and I was able to click around without issue but when I started updating drivers for the system board was when I started getting the BSOD. I have one other person using this PC on their own log in and they were not experiencing any issue with normal activity (internet and word processing) but when I log in on my account and try to do any action I get the BSOD after a few minutes of activity doing various things. Safemode scans detected nothing and the system will not stay stable enough for me to troubleshoot. Same BSOD happens when I attempt to use the 2nd user's login and open the folders under my profile.

Please help and thanks for looking into this!



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Okay, so I figured that after several dozen BSODs that I would go ahead and reformat my boot SSD. After doing this I reinstalled Windows 7 Home Premium and all other programs I initially had at one time that I will be using. I ended up having the BSOD happen again after the majority of my drivers and apps were reinstalled. I found the bios for the board was 1.5 but the latest version released was earlier this month, 1.6. Even after flashing the new bios I still had a few BSODs.

As in previous BSODs I did see that on the screen the file "Atikmpag.sys" was the main element. I decided to google this and I did find a wealth of issues people had with this but no clear cut solution. I figure I have the following 3 options:

1) RMA the motherboard (brand new)
2) RMA the video card (also brand new)
3) reslot the video card to a lower PCI express slot (need to purchase additional tubbing and possibly some quick connect valves for this in the event I need to removed the card to RMA it.

For the time being I'm using one of my two HD 5950s in the pc in a lower slot though the 7970 is still plugged into the main board because it is in the water cooling loop currently but no power is being routed to it.

Maybe this new info will help my case. I wont be able to touch this until next week as I am about to travel for business. Thanks for the assistance!


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Ended up RMAing the graphics card this week because after troubleshooting everything in my arsenal it had to be the physical card. I received the same BSOD messages in any PCI express slot that card was seated to without fail. With the new card in-hand, everything is running optimally. Just to be safe I did clear CMOS and ran memtest over night and there were no errors with any of my DIMMs of RAM.

For anyone else with the annoying Atikmpag.sys msg I guess it may be the hardware that is causing the issue but hopefully noone else has to experience the annoyance that I have.

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