New PC with several BSOD problems. Help appreciated

Dear BSOD forum, just joined having seen a forum video suggesting that if I upload a BSOD minidump file that someone may be able to figure out what is wrong. although the PC is new, the prospect of trying to get it exchanged after extensive setup is not pleasing.

If someone can figure out what caused the crash, I'd be most grateful so I can fix the cause perhaps myself


View attachment 092911-12916-01.dmp
View attachment 092911-13150-01.dmp
View attachment 092911-15880-01.dmp
View attachment 092911-16879-01.dmp


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My first thought would be McAfee, please consider removing it completely from your system, either by using the programs own uninstall feature if available or by using the programs and features applet in the control panel. Follow that up by running the vendor specific proprietary removal tool. Consider replacing it for now with MSE.
If Blue Screens persist after removing McAfee, please post new dump files (not individually but by adding them individually to a folder and zip up the folder and attach that. Additionally read the first post here and see if you can accumulate the additional data regarding your installed memory using CPUz and RAMMon as well as running the SF Diagnostic tool as and administrator.
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