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Just took an update to "JAVA" today. Now every move I make on the Internet I get a warning "Java wants to run this program ALLOW, NOT ALLOW. If I hit the Don't Allow everything works same as usual. Anybody know what this is about? I've got a new console in tools: Home User Directory. I don't know how to use? It gives options like: clear console, finalize objects on finalization queue, garbage collect, display this help message, dump class loader list, print memory usage, trigger logging, reload proxy configuration--- and more.


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I have updated Java on several computers recently and have not seen this problem. Try uninstalling and then re-installing Java?


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Mike? Hi...It seems to have calmed down today. Yesterday every time I hit a link I'd get some kind of warning. I did consider re-installing it, I wasn't sure. I have this Java Console with no instructions on how to use it. (I can see they're planning to download all kinds of stuff without my permission- without the instructions I may refuse)


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If you click the Java icon in the Control Panel, you will find all the options which you can use or discard. It should take care of your problem.


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Hi!! I believe I found the source of the problem. The first Java download was un-eventful, however, must have picked up a "Trojan.Zlob", with download. (218 Registry Entries, 16 Files, 1 Brower Cache affected). Despite constant Cache
Cleaning, a couple attempts from Registry Cleaner and several Scans From Norton, only caught Trojan today (7 Treats). Yes, Thank You Mike I did re-install Java 6 update 7. Now am having trouble 403 error MSN Opening Page. I can connect with the website but am unable to view the page. I can open through messenger OK- for now. Anybody know how to correct this? One more question for anybody in the know- I want to download the Vista Installation Disk. I think I have Windows X86 because Internet Security lists it in the scan. How can I verify my disk version on my own?:)

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