Windows 7 New RAM memory cause 100% CPU drain


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I tried upgrading from 2GB (the left one) to 4GB (the right one).
What happend was that my computer got stuck at Windows 7 welcome screen for about 5 minutes, then the CPU is working at 100% at all time regardless how few or many programs I have started.

I tried using sysinternals process explorer to find a specific process to shut down, but I cannot pinpoint the source of the CPU drain. It looks like everything got increased CPU drain in general. Any idea how I can try to solve this problem?

I tried disabling LAN and onboard sound in BIOS, because I read something about audio device causing simular problems, but that didnt help. I also tried changing the amount of shared system memory reserved to my integrated graphic card, but with no luck. When I changed back to my 2GB memory setup everything returned to normal CPU usage.

Im using:
Windows 7 64-bit - Build 2000
C2D E4400
ASRock 4Core1333-FullHD
Integrated ATI X1250 graphics

Any ideas?