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I received Don's permission to tell you about this program. It is for the average user like me who cannot run ERUNT on Win 7 with a schedule and without the hard workarounds.
It is being released from Beta Sunday June 3rd '12'.
I have system restore and Acronis but sometimes you cannot get to system restore from within windows or for corruption issues and Acronis takes awhile.
This can be found @ where the owner, Shane has developed this for the normal user. Read the threads about it, watch the videos etc. It is so ez with three tabs to backup, restore and settings. There are even shots to show you how to restore if youcan't boot up. The last part was too hard for me so he made it easier. I only know him because he replied to my request for an ERUNT replacement -he was the only one of ten people.
It is going to have videos, tutorials and prntscns shots to make it ez.
I asked around for along time because so many techs swear by ERUNT and I wanted it or a replacement. Unfortunatley the author of ERUNT developed it up to XP but Win 7 users were stuck unless very techy.
This is what I was avidly looking for and he said awhile ago he woud do it.
So, if you are like me and make errors you would like to erase, add another backup tool to your toolbox.
It is freeware and he promises there are no nasties.
I like this forum and asked permission first as I woud never want to be blocked from here.
Thank you

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I was looking for a replacement for ERUNT, came across Peterr's post. there was a slight typographical error in the url of the site that the program is at. The program "Registry Backup" is at, not I took a look at the program this evening, it looks great, more useful than one I had found a few days ago, RegBak, because RegBak didn't have a way to restore the files if Windows wasn't working. "Registry Backup" includes a DOS restore program in addition to the Windows restore program. Also, "Registry Backup" uses VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service) to get the snapshot of the registry files, which is apparently the recommended way to go about this task, & I have no idea whether RegBak uses VSS or not.

The author of Registry Backup is the same person who authored CleanMem utility, several years ago, and there are a slew of other extremely useful utilities at the site. Definitely worth taking a look....


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I hope I am ok and have not violated a rule just made a typo.

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