New to 7 with Internet connection issues

I recently installed 7 using the student download which was a mess it's self. So my problem is that I can't connect to the Internet. None of the other topics in this section helped in solving my issues. I upgraded from a 32 bit version of vista to a 64 bit version of 7 so this is a fresh install with no programs except what came with 7.

I've reset my router and modem several times to no luck. I keep troubleshooting under the network and sharing center and it keeps trying to identify the network. It will sit there and do that for about a minute and then it gives me an unidentified network. It then randomly gives me a ! or X sign either between the computer and network or between the network and Internet.

Every once and a while it will connect to the "home" network with some of the ! in between the computer and network or the network and Internet.

The recent refreshing I did for the connection shows my computer connected to the network, and the network connected to the Internet without any ! like it is now. When I try to open up the Internet it pretends that it's connecting saying that it's connecting to site 56.53.4565 (using that as an example) and it throws the ! back between the computer and network icons.

I typed in the address for facebook and on the tab it said welcome to facebook but yet it didn't connect. So I think it's trying but it just doesn't want to go. I reset the connection using the network diagnostics again and it put me back on the unidentified network with the ! or X between the unidentified network and the Internet.

Any help would be appreciated

Did you use easy transfer to restore your old stuff?

It sorta looks like you got a firewall problem.... or some kind of hijacking trojan.

Check your administrator logs under Event Viewer /custom something may be logged that tells you exactly what needs fixing.

Nope I didn't use easy transfer. I did a fresh install of 7 from the cd I made using the student download. So there shouldn't be anything on the computer except what came on the cd. I included the adminstrator log if anyone wanted to take a look at it to see what's going on.


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click your internet and open network sharing,then change adapter settings,right click and click status,then properties,where it says v4 click it and click properties again,make sure settings say "obtain ip address automatically",then go back to status screen and disable,then re-enableby right clicking your LAN hopefully this should resolve things

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