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I have recently upgraded to Vista Business on my Desktop computer and have 2 major problems. One: i have just tried to install the drivers for ADS DVD Xpress DX2 and an error that reads: "the name is already in use as screen name or display name" keeps popping up. How do i remove this and get the thing working again. Had no problems installing it on my laptop which is running XP. i need step by step instructions on fixing this issue. Not very familiar with PC.

Second: my Soundmax array microphone has stopped working and the driver update is good. My Vista does not find the device and alsways defaults to my Logitech STX which has terrible sound. Any fix solutions.


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HI! You should probably contact Technical Support at ADS. People say that the Beta Drivers are a breeze to install. (Beta Driver for Vista Drivers Windows 2000 XP WHOL) The Beta Driver is listed in the Internet this way.....ADS DVD Xpress DX2 (USBAV-709.EF) Beta Driver for Vista Driver. (This Driver is not supported I believe by ADS) For the soundmax array microphone, are you using Vista Drivers? I'd check with the manufacturer, could be a compatibility problem- something wrong with the card or need an adapter or something.


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The first issue I'd try re-installing it again and for the second why not just leave the mic you want to use connected. Just remove the other one or isn't that possible?


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Hi!! You might want to check this out, see the listing on the bottom, customer reviews: Tiger Direct. Com (Your Product- ADS DVD EXPRESS DX2) March 2008. Buyer Beware Vista Driver Given By ADS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH VISTA

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