Windows 7 new "Token"?


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The other day I had a popup msg I'd never seen before - and didn't hit shift print screen fast enough, so I don't have an example for you to look at. However, the gist of the msg was that a "New Token" was going to be installed - I didn't even have time to write it down! It just popped up, then went away, and I wasn't doing anything to system files or the OS at the time - I think I was probably in some type of forum.
Anyway, if someone can give me a heads up on the difference between a cookie and a "Token" ? Thanks everyone!


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Re: new "Token" - Thanks for that!

Thank you - I thought it would be something like that; although I thought I had read somewhere that someone who captured your token could then impersonate you on whatever the token was used for. I looked at my cookie file, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary, so I guess (happily) that is all the explanation I'll need - though it would have been better to find out who or what application is using the token. I'll just keep Windows Defender, Norton and Malwarebytes up to date, and let those 3 worry about it for me!:)


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Re: new "Token" - Thanks for that!

Wow, that little lot should keep you running pretty clean! One security feature which might interest you is found under manage add-ons

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Check out the 'Tracking Protection'. For ease I'll post the link it leads you to here:

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