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    I support a large population users on XP. We are working on rolling out Win7 Pro to all users. We are not performing in-place upgrade but providing new machine to users ( new image and hardware). We have a standard image with few 3rd party software on the image.

    Issue: We have successfully created the image and it works fine with the hardware. We can join the machine with no issues to domain but when we try to log-in as Domain Admins or Domain Users we get an error "The User Profile Service service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded".

    The issue here is that we are trying log-on for the FIRST time on the new machine. We have done several builds from scratch but seeing the issue on every instance.

    Image Details:
    Win7 Pro (latest patch level)
    Office 2007 Pro
    Office Communicator

    3rd Party Soft
    Babylon for Enterprise
    McAfee AV

    NOTE: The Vista Profile issue is not a solution as we do not have existing profile for the Domain user.


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