New Vista PC - How move over Mail?

Hi All,
I just got a new Vista PC to replace my old one. Both have Windows Mail 6. How can I get the folders, mail items, and mail rules over to the new PC from the old PC? It sounds simple, but I just cannot get it right !


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To find the mail folder you'll need to change your folder options to 'show hidden files and folders'. You can do this by clicking 'organise' (found in the left hand corner when you open a window say to my computer) then click the 'view' tab along the top and you should then be able to tick the show hidden folders box.
After you've done the above , open your C drive (or which ever letter denotes your HDD) then click 'users' followed by your name and then 'app data'. Open the folder named 'local' and then 'Microsoft'. You now should have access to the mail folder which will contain your mails. You could copy them to disk and then transfer them over by placing them back into the corresponding folder in your new set-up.
Once you've finished don't forget to return the folder options to back the way they were (hidden)

So don't use the import function?
Just copy over the folder with the individual mails?


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You could try the import function now you know where the folder is but if all else fails do it the way I suggested..

Although i have to admit I've never used the import function...
Ok I had a quick look, you mean the 'easy transfer function'? Like I said I've never used it but it gives you the option to either use a disk or a special cable. Obviously a disk is going to be cheaper but it's up to you. You can find the utility in the start menu under Accessories and system tools (although I may have moved mine there when I was tidying up).

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