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Having installed my Outlook 2003 and imported mt contacts, I cannot figure out how to import or populate my address book. Fifty five contacts, nothing in the PAB folder, and I don't see any way to import. I'd als like Outlook to forward a copy of certain emails to my cell, but that option is not in my Rules.
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Hi Alan,

Where have you imported these contacts from? Have you considered making the move to Windows Live Mail and Outlook 2010? This would give you access to your e-mail from nearly anywhere. Here's the deal with the address book. The address book is designed not to auto-populate like contacts does. Whenever you e-mail someone, they usually get added to contacts. But you can add all of your contacts to your address book. This page explains in detail how to do it in Outlook 2003: HelpDeskTips: Outlook 2003 - Contacts Not Showing in Address Book

In Outlook 2010, Contacts and Address Book entries have practically become the same thing.

As for the phone issue, you usually won't forward e-mails to your phone using Outlook. Sure, you can find out what your SMS e-mail address is, but this will become problematic for long e-mails. A SMS e-mail address is the e-mail address that can be used to send you a text message. You will want to call your phone company and specifically find out what capabilities your phone has to retrieve your e-mails and to be able to send e-mails as well. Using text messages for e-mails is basically a beeper service. You may not even be able to read the entire e-mail.

So you need to find out if your phone is capable of sending and receiving e-mails, and if so, from what services. Outlook is not a server, and will not send your phone e-mails automatically. You need an e-mail application on your phone that has your mail settings. This is one of the reasons many people use Windows Live Mail, Gmail, or Yahoo. Applications are now being specifically written for phones so that you can access your e-mail at any time from your phone. Calendars and contacts can be synchronized from many different sources without using a Blackberry. This is especially the case with the new Android phones and Windows Phone 7. It is very possible you can get email on the phone, but the cell phone company will be the place to call. They will likely ask you if you have Live Mail, Yahoo, or Google Mail.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for your help. I have tried to add the contacts as shown, but 2 probems. In properties, add contacts is greyed out, and when I go to tools to add the address book, it says it already exists. Think I need to try and re-install the office program, and can I without loosing all my emails and contacts?
Apreciate your help.

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