new windows 7 64-bit blue screen problem

i keep getting a blue screen come up every 5-60minutes of using the computer and i don't have a clue why it is doing this. i have zipped and attached the file from my minidump folder

if you can come up with any answers i will be very greatful


Uninstall the notorious AVG in safe mode using the tool found here:

AV Uninstallers - Windows 7 Forums

Reboot and install MSE.


Update your USB Modem driver, from the manufacturer's site:

ewusbmdm ewusbmdm.sys Mon May 26 22:36:40 2008



ok i updated my usb modem driver and have just got another problem and will attach the minidump, i have also just unistalled avg in safe mode with the program you recommended.


Modem driver not updated to anything satisfactory. Must be newer than July 2009:

ewusbmdm ewusbmdm.sys Fri Dec 12 22:28:19 2008

well i'll tell you what it's called as i downloaded the driver from the manufacturer's website, it's called a t-mobile Mobile Broadband USB stick 110, which was made by: Huawei model:E160. the driver that i found was on the t-mobile website so i'm guessing that it was the latest driver. if you could point me in the right direction then that will help.

If that really is the newest driver available, I would test the machine for some time after rebooting with the usb stick removed. If it doesn't crash any longer and you're satisfied the machines is well, replace the hardware with something that is compatible with Windows 7.

If it does crash like this, post the crash dump.

ok sorry i took so long to reply but i have removed the usb stick and i am still getting the crashes, but i am able to play the game for about 1 hour now without this happening. i have the the minidump.


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