New Windows 8 Interface Rumoured to be called Mosh

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    New Windows 8 Interface Rumoured to be called Mosh

    While we’ve not seen the anticipated Windows 8 first peak at CES, which was unlikely anyway given the raft of WIndows 7 tablets being launched there, new details about the OS have emerged.

    Technology blogger Paul Thurrott is reporting that the new OS will feature a tile-based interface called Mosh (presumably because you can dive right in). This won’t be a new mainstream interface however, and will be one specifically for devices such as tablets, slates and other Windows embedded devices. It also sounds initially rather like the custom Windows 7 interface for the ExoPC.

    It is also rumoured that there will be a new applications model codenamed Jupiter, presumably accompanying the expected Windows app store. This app model is expected to be based around Silverlight and will be delivered at .appx packages.

    There’s no more information but both of these are believable and, frankly, were to be expected. We’ll provide you with more news as we get it.

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