Windows 8 New Windows 8 marks impending death of the desktop as we know it


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There may be changes, but the desktop won't die due to Windows 8 being released. Not at all. I'll probably die before the PC does, & I'm not quite 50 yet.

One thing that the author got wrong, was his opinion of how to get past the start screen, where we see that big clock. There's no need to "drag" anything, you just click "enter" on the keyboard, the screen pops up to enter our password. It takes me no longer to log onto Windows 8 CP than it does Windows 7.

The media is trying to convince us that the PC is dead, just as they convince the people that gas prices are going to rise, and it happens. The people have been prepared to brace for the worst by speculation, so that when it happens, they can say "we told you so". The media is very powerful.

But I'd bet that the ones who writes these articles (as well as distributes them) are sitting behind a desktop.