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So, i have this problem for a while now, haven't found an answer unfortunatly:(

My problem is, every time i install windows 7, from boot, after the initial load, it restarts for the first time to enter windows for the normal instalation. The problem comes here, normally, it would prompt you for the first time to set the location, curency and things like that. For me, it takes like 5 minutes to show me the location pop up, and after that, like 10 to 15 minutes for the setup to continue. It first started whit my old motherbord, it was a biostar, don't remember the exact model. That one broke, i got an msi, things were good, but that one broke and the service replaced it whit an other biostar, a Biostar G31D-M7, and the same thing happend, this annoying hang on setup. Windows install's normal after that, no problems, its just that annoying hang time.
Any ideas of why this happens?



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I've seen the behavior you've mentioned. Hadn't really though about why is does it. I have noticed however when installing off a usb it doesn't happen.

So, no fix?:(
At least it doesn't break anything, the windows install's normaly, but its annoying as hell and it doesn't happen if i install windows xp, but i don't want xp:(

Thx for your answer, when i buy a usb i will try whit it and see whats up.

what happened to the other posts?

To the person who asked this:

From you question, I was under the impression you were looking for a Windows 7 solution, not a hardware one. If you have gone through several motherboards, I would look at something else, like a power supply or whatever you might have used for all installs.
I don't know if its a hardware or not, but this is the windows 7 suport forums, it only happens on windows 7, so here i em. I gave as much information as i could, i thought someone might know if its related to windows 7 not liking some specific hardware.

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Not too sure :( Not the only posts I've seen disappear. Did have some downtime lastnight maybe something to do with that. I shall ask Admin for you :)

Well, the forums actually sends you what someone posts here so i didn't miss anything. Its just an annoying problem and i would like to know if it is windows 7 not liking some specific hardware. If no one knows, i will probably change it in a few months, its a sucky motherbord anyway, doesn't even suport DDR3:(

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