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I've seen the TV commerical where the user can automatically arrange two windows side by side. I can't figure this out. Help, please. Windows 7 prof.


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Right click your taskbar and there are various options there.

I think Aero Snap does the same, not sure though, mines been disabled for ages. Try grabbing an open window by the header bar and "throw it" at the edge of the screen making sure your mouse pointer disappears off the edge.

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Thanks Elmer, this works! Both methods work. I never thought to right click on the task bar.


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You can also (what I do) just left click on the top of the window, hold the mouse button down and drag left or right until the cursor hits the side of the screen.

The window will automatically format itself to half of the screen.

Grab the second window and do the same thing to the other side and zap, you have the two windows side by side.

Only takes 2 seconds.


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